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#14 How Marcus Lemonis changed my life.

Happy New Year! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile.

LIFE. I do marketing for a handful of small businesses. Sometimes my hands are really full, especially during the holidays.

On a personal note, my 18 year old son decided to spread his wings and move to California the week before Christmas to finish his last few months of high school and go to college. (He's living with family so it's all good!)

It was just unexpected, so naturally, as a mom I was really sad. (Like, I cried for 3 days straight kinda sad.)

Last night my daughter and son-in law canceled their New Year's Eve plans to come home so I wouldn't have to be alone. (Awwww!) Just to be clear, I wasn't still wallowing in sorrow, but I couldn't refuse their offer.

We were invited to an impromptu game night party had so much fun. Eating, talking loud, telling funny stories, playing games we still don't understand and laughing so hard our bellies hurt.

I said all that to say THANK YOU for reading my blog and I hope you'll stick around because I'm going share some awesome things with you this year to help your small business have the best year yet!

One of the things I want to share is, it's ok to be vulnerable. It feels scary at first, but when you're real and open, you become relatable which creates instant rapport and people are apt to trust you more. (Which leads to happier employees and more loyal customers.)

I've always believed that, but a year ago when I saw Marcus Lemonis, from the hit CNBC show The Profit, give a keynote speech dedicated to that entire subject, it affirmed what I knew deep down. People connect with people who are real. Hearing Marcus share that changed my life, and those with me.

Let's work on this together this year and see how we grow personally and professionally. Sound good?

Love, Dana

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