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#10 Do this ONE thing and people will ADORE you.

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Hey Rock Stars, I'm Dana with Clipboard Confidence. Just wanted to give you 1 simple tip that can help you be a rock star with people.

The first thing I do when I come in contact with anybody is I try to find something within the very first 5 seconds that's a genuine compliment for them. If I genuinely like their hair, they have pretty eyes, I like what they're wearing, "Nice tie," "Nice shoes," "I like your hair," "Ooh, I love your eyes," "Cute top, where did you get that?" and it's genuine. Because I really mean it. And people can feel it. Like, their BS detectors will be going off the charts if you're not genuine, so be genuine, be yourself and make someone's day.

Get up and think, "How am I going to make everyone I come into contact with today feel better about themselves?" But again, the trick is it has to be real. If you can't find anything nice to say, don't say it at all, but at same time, LOOK for those nice things. Look for great things to say about people that ring true, and it's a people skill that will take you so far in life and can really make a difference in another person's day and in their life.

So if you want more ideas and more tips and tricks of the trade, and I hate even saying the word trick because it's not a trick, if you want more tips and more quality content on how to be a great people person, subscribe to my blog at Until then, I'm signing off. Keep it real.

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