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#8 People Skills 101: Just do this.

Updated: Feb 27, 2019


Hi, I'm Dana with and today I want to talk to you about developing your people skills. Now, whenever I'm asked to speak at a school or a function or an event, especially to kids that maybe are just graduating high school, anytime I'm asked to speak at something like that, I always stress this point because, no matter what industry you go in in life, no matter what you end up doing, whether you work as a stay-at-home mom or you're CEO of a major corporation, developing your people skills is essential to your life and to your success.

My very first piece of advice is start to become genuinely curious about people. Just be curious. This doesn't come naturally, trust me, because, to be honest, everyone is pretty much just curious about themselves so if you start to develop a habit of being curious about other people and, by doing that I mean, start asking them questions about their life when you meet people. Find out what their story is. At first, it'll feel a little awkward because, like I said earlier, everyone is more worried about themselves. They're concerned with their lives. That's their main focus. That's just how people are wired, and how you can be a hero in someone else's life is genuinely be curious.

Ask them what their story is when you meet someone. Really develop a curiosity, and this will take time because you can't BS your way through it. I mean, it has to come from the heart. It has to be genuine, and when you genuinely are curious about people – practice this with everyone you meet – I can give you the next step into really, really taking your people skills to the next level that will make you a better sales person, a better business person, a better marketer, and, if you're interested in learning more, subscribe to my blog at, and I'll send you some tricks and treats and some suggestions, some conversation starters. So, again, people skills, people skills, people skills. No matter what. And, also, it will develop your confidence in yourself, so this is Dana with Clipboard Confidence. I'm out.

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