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#15 Declutter your advertising by dropping the www.

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

One of my BIGGEST marketing pet peeves is when businesses put the "www." before their website on marketing materials. 😳 STOP IT. Please. 😩We all know that "www" goes before the's a given...actually the browser will usually just fill it in for us.

Putting "www" before the website is like telling people to dial the "1" before making a long distance call.

Putting "www" on your advertising materials, (business cards, shirts, print ads, radio ads, billboard, vehicle wrap, promotional materials etc), only clutters your message and in the case of radio or tv, uses precious seconds that could be better served by putting in something wayyy more persuasive. It also makes you and your business look polished.

Think about big companies like Apple. 😐 Do you they put on all their stuff? No. Just Or

(Someone hand me a paper bag to breath in.) 😫 Sigh. Ok. I'm done.

(If you have made this mistake, it's not your fault, you didn't know. So don't feel bad, just stop doing it. Or if you'd like to torture me, ignore my advice and put it on everything you have.)



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