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#13 How to do Multi Level Network Marketing (or any Small Business via Social) the RIGHT way.

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

So you just signed up for your starter kit. Boom. You’re a business owner. You’ve watched the videos, or been to the high energy rah-rah meetings, invested the $200 and now you CAN’T WAIT to start making that money back and more. I mean, this product is GREAT! AND your friends will see how great it is too, as soon as they attend your 1st Facebook Live/Party/Event, or see all the cool posts you’ll be making via your personal Facebook and Instagram profile. And then…(Wah-Wah.) Nobody’s responding.

Ok, well your mom and your team leader like all your posts, but that doesn’t count. You’re asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong?? I’m doing it exactly the way the company told me to!” That’s the problem. Before you piss off any more of your acquaintances and alienate your close friends, stop following their proven marketing plan.

Pimping out your business too much on your personal page for ANY type of business is a big NO-NO.

Too often, Multi Level Marketing Companies rely solely on you leveraging your personal relationships for sales. Now, that’s not ALL bad. Of course, you want to practice on your friends and family, BUT clogging up their newsfeed with the same, generic cookie cutter posts that all of their other friends who sell the same product are posting, isn’t the way to do it. It’s actually a surefire way to annoy people and get “hidden” from their feed. When that happens, they never see anything else you post. Ever. (And that’s the worst because you never know when someone has politely “hidden” you.)

Instead, use the 80/20 rule. Social Media is about being social and sharing. Only pimp out your business 20% of the time and don’t use the suggested posts that come in your starter pack. Make your own. Be real. Do a Facebook Live video explaining why you’ve chose to sell this product. Maybe you’ve been using it for a year and it really has changed your life. Say that. But then, create a Facebook group or business page for your business and invite your friends and family to like the page. Next, move the conversation over to that page. After, sprinkle in invitations to like that page via your personal page here and there.

On the flip side, you don’t want to overwhelm people with constant sales pitches on your business page either. Instead, be a resource. Post something of value that can help people. (Even if they don’t use your products.) This will endear people to you, and after some time of consistent helpful posting, you’ll be seen as an expert in their eyes. (Yes, ugh, it takes time.) But it’s worth it. You can also share posts from reputable websites, but make sure that you stand out as someone who’s not just trying to sell them something.

The problem with MOST Multi Level Marketing programs is that we’ve all had too many people invite us over for a “friendly get together” only to be made to sit and watch their 20-minute recruiting video. Or if you’re like me, (big personality, outgoing), you’ve been hunted down by people your entire life, (strangers in the grocery store on multiple occasions), who want you to be their little “money machine”. Which means, our defenses are high. I’ve actually lost friends that tried to pull this sneaky stuff on me. Why? Because it’s sneaky. So don’t do it.

In order to break down those defenses, you have to approach us through the door of being helpful. Earn our trust. (And there will be some, like me, who will never sell for you but may know people who will. Or may even possibly (probably not) host a party if I believe in you and your product.)

In closing, the problem with Multi Level Marketing Companies usually ISN’T their PRODUCTS. Quite often their products are really dope. The problem with these companies are the methods they’re teaching you to promote your business. If you love the product, great. Ditch their marketing and social media advice. REEEAALLLLY stop and ask yourself how you would feel if you were approached the way they are suggesting. Or, better yet, survey your friends and relatives. But do it in a genuine way. Ask them how they’d like to be sold to. If the thought of that scares you, that’s a good indication you’ve been taught the wrong way and deep down you know it.

You can do this. And be successful at it. Just do it in a way that feels authentic. Now, go get em’ Tiger.



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