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#16 You can be really unorganized and still build a damn successful business. How Carrie Green made

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

This was life changing. Thank you Carrie Green for making me feel normal and giving me hope.

To say I'm OBSESSED with Donald Miller's Building a Story Brand Podcast is putting it mildly. This week he interviewed Carrie Green, the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association. During the interview, Don mentioned he had just watched a documentary on Warren Buffett, who said that the most successful people he knows have learned "the art of focus."

When he asked Carrie how she maintains focus while leading such a huge organization, I braced myself to feel guilty and condemned.

Then something wonderful happened.

Carrie replied:

"With difficulty. I feel like this is something to be really honest about. Because I go in these up and down waves of sometimes I'm really really on it or I'm not. So I'm all out and then hibernate. So I think it's just important to understand yourself and know how you work, because it's not just like a one-size-fits-all thing. And for a long time, I used to beat myself up thinking I'm so disorganized, I'm all over the place and sometimes I feel like I'm a headless chicken but the most liberating thing I found is that you can be a headless chicken and be really unorganized and still build a damn successful business."


Bravo Carrie. That right there folks is FEARLESS MARKETING.

When I heard that, my heart leaped. And instantly I felt as if I could do it too.

She went on to explain that even though we think the most successful people have it "all together" the truth is, nobody does. Not 100% of the time.

And yes, I believe when we "focus" and learn to say "NO" to the constant demands on our time that often distract us from the REALLY important, productive things, we're way more likely to succeed.

But even in a state of imperfection, (I haven't showered, I'm still in my pjs, I have a sink full of dirty dishes and a to do list a mile long), I can be a ROCKSTAR.

And now...I'm obsessed with her.

If you're in marketing or business, I IMPLORE you to get everything you can from Story Brand.

Here's a link to the entire interview.



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