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#20 The Case for Fearless Marketing

Updated: Oct 21, 2019


Is your marketing stuck in a rut? Does it look, feel and sound like your competitors? Do you use clichés in your marketing? (Friendly staff of professionals? For all your blah blah needs?)

STOP THAT. Your message is getting lost in a sea of boring BLAH.

It’s not enough to SAY you’re friendly. You have to BE friendly.

It’s not enough to SAY you’re helpful. You have to BE helpful.

AND you have to communicate that in a way that is believable.

(Which means backing up what you say.)


Fearless Marketing is stepping out of your shoes and walking a mile in your customer’s shoes.

Fearless Marketing isn’t foolish marketing. Fearless Marketing is HONEST. Fearless Marketing is authentic. Fearless Marketing is unscripted and doesn’t use clichés.

What is Authenticity?

Authenticity is simply you BEING you. Human. Flawed. Raw. (Easier said than done for most. That’s why I’m here.)

I teach you how to communicate your marketing message in a way that is unapologetically YOU. (And then craft an authentic message that solves a problem your customer has. From THEIR point of view.)

And that’s what your customers want.


A recent study by Sprout Social revealed that when it comes to brand/business personality 86% of customers just want businesses to be honest. And you can’t be honest without being authentic.

Authenticity and inspires a fierce, loyalty-driven bond between you and your customers.

Authenticity makes you money. Authenticity makes you different.

And DIFFERENT IS BETTER THAN BETTER. (As Sally Hogshead, Marketing Expert and Bestselling Author says. Read her book Fascinate. It's freaking amazing.)

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